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First Up Cleaning Services

A Professional House Cleaning, Maid Services, And Janitorial Services Commercial Cleaning Company

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Professional House Cleaning & Maid Services New York

First Up Cleaning Services offers New York professional house cleaning & maid services because we realize that “home is where the heart is”. The signature residential  house cleaning services we provide are designed to keep up with the never-ending home cleaning tasks of our customers in New York City. Check the locations we serve or visit our residential service page.

Professional Cleaners

We use professional cleaners that have gained numerous cleaning certifications. Our experience in professional house cleaning and maid services surpass many of our competitors. See our service descriptions.

Great Deals and Discounts

Get great deals and discounts by checking our promotions or purchasing a discounted gift card. Take advantage of becoming a new customer and get 15% off your first house cleaning service!

Bonded & Fully Insured

Our technicians are bonded and fully insured to give you peace of mind while we provide professional house cleaning services.

COVID-19 Cleaning

We use hospital-grade sanitizers for our COVID-19 professional house cleaning operations, but also have  methods of treating COVID or viral situations including using UV technology. Ask us for further info.

Janitorial Services Commercial Cleaning Company New York

First Up Cleaning Services is a janitorial services commercial cleaning company offering services in New York for offices, business, and more! We determine, develop and implement a cleaning plan that is most suited for your establishment…and your wallet. See our Office / Commercial details.

Office Cleaning & Janitorial Services

Quality office cleaning and janitorial services are delivered by our staff as part of everyday procedure. Our 33 or 70 point checklist makes sure all bases are covered according to your needs.

Commercial Cleaning Company

We are a commercial cleaning company whose team members perform janitorial services according to the highest standards of the cleaning industry. In addition, we provide detailed and customized cleaning services to fit your needs.

Professional Cleaners & Certification

Our professional cleaners are well-trained, bonded, and insured so you can rest easy. Also, we have certification from notable agencies such as OSHA, ISSA, IJCSA, and more.

COVID-19 Protection

Having a healthy, safe environment with COVID-19 protection for workers is essential. We’ll make sure your workplace is protected from any potential viral threats.

Specialty Services New York

Specialty Services are unique janitorial services requested when you’re looking to fit a particular need. Some examples may be porter services, bacterial disinfection, event services, carpet or upholstery cleaning, and many more to come! View our Specialty Services page.

Porter Services

Looking for porter services or someone to handle day-to-day  cleaning services for a building or facility?  Our janitorial porter services has got you covered! Maintenance services such as mopping and taking out trash are available.

Event Cleaning Services

Need event cleaning services for a function? We can fill the needs of your engagement. Whether you need help during the entire event, or stictly for cleanup when its over, you can rely on us for great event cleaning services!

Sanitizing & Disinfection

We have UV equipment and chemicals used for sanitizing and disinfection of  medical facilities. We also utilize treatments that keep killing bacteria and viruses for months! Let us know if this is what you need.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet & upholstery cleaning is essential for the upkeep of fabrics. A fresh, clean carpet is a plus to any environment. Although this service is not yet available, we will keep you updated, and let you know as soon as its ready.

About First Up Cleaning Services

First Up Cleaning Services was formed in 2015 and is based in Uniondale, NY. Proud to serve our community, you can see the services we provide for Nassau County Long Island or view the services for other New York City areas below.  

Serves Manhattan NY

Manhattan NY is one of the busiest areas and considered the hub of New York City, it is also the gem which we strive to keep sparkling clean.

Serves Queens NY

Queens NY is considered a more relaxed environment in the urban city venue. From maid services to office cleaning, we’re happy to serve all of our Queens residents’ needs.

Serves Brooklyn NY

Brooklyn NY is quickly becoming one of the trendiest sectors in the tri-state area, we serve both residential and commercial requests in this borough.

Serves The Bronx NY

The population of the Bronx NY is steadily increasing and we’re here to meet the house cleaning and janitorial services requests of our customers.

Rave Reviews

“Just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with the office cleaning. Since we switched to First Up Cleaning Services, we really feel we’re getting our money’s worth.”

– L. Tye


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